Trusted Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

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Posted on 03-03-2023 06:02 am

East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc.

For more than four decades, East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc. has been a reliable pest control provider in West Palm, Broward, Miami County, and nearby areas. Our team undergoes rigorous training to gain knowledge about different types of pests and acquire expertise in pest control techniques.

Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem, with 84 percent of pest control professionals initially contacted about a different type of pest before identifying them as bed bugs, according to the National Pest Management Association. 

Bed bugs are worse than fleas because they can survive a year without eating and can be found in various places such as couches, stuffed animals, bus seats, and even bags. They are often found in locations with higher populations, such as nursing homes, hotels, and motels, followed by apartments and condominiums where neighbors are in close proximity.

In case you have a suspicion of a bed bug infestation, it's recommended to contact East Coast Pest Control for prompt assistance. Upon receiving your request, our exterminators will swiftly visit your premises, usually within the following business day, to inspect the suspected furniture and confirm the infestation before proceeding to treat the affected areas. It's important to bear in mind that attempting to tackle the issue on your own is typically futile since these pests can effortlessly conceal themselves and endure.

Trusted Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

Tree Services

While most people do not associate trees with pest problems, trees are susceptible to insects and diseases just like lawns and gardens. Signs such as spots, discolored foliage, stunted leaf growth, or holes in the bark could indicate an infestation of pests such as termites. At East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, we offer specialized tree care services, in addition to our trusted pest control services.

In most cases, trees that appear "sick" are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. However, if it is caused by a disease or insect infestation, early detection and proper treatment can prevent the tree from dying or spreading the problem to other trees in the area. Contact East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization for a no-obligation quote on our tree care services.

Trusted Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

Call East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization For a Free Inspection

If you're experiencing pest issues and need a free inspection, don't hesitate to reach out to East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization. You can either give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website to schedule an appointment. A skilled technician will visit your property to assess the situation and provide a complimentary quote while discussing the recommended pest control services. 

As a leading pest control company in the tri-county region, we take pride in our reputation for reliability and expertise. Contact our team today and let us help you keep your home or business free from bugs!